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Digital fabric governance

Transform your organization and reshape your industry

Simplifying sovereignty and safety, increasing efficiency

ORIGIN will become your organization's trusted, compliant, and safe intelligence system.

The ORIGIN system constantly analyzes massive amounts of data and identifies patterns, insights and trends. Your organization will make predictions and recommendations based on that analysis faster than the competition and more efficiently than you ever dreamed of.

What is ORIGIN?

ORIGIN is a platform for an architectural framework that manages and integrates data across multiple systems and locations. It provides a unified view of data by abstracting the underlying data storage and processing systems, enabling data to be seamlessly and efficiently accessed, processed, and analyzed. It also allows the data to be transformed, redacted, de-identified, or anonymized across entities.

The platform includes components such as data integration, data management, data governance, metadata management, and security. It is designed to address the challenges of modern data architectures, including the distributed nature of data, the complexity of data processing, and the need for real-time insights.

This approach to data management allows organizations to easily manage and utilize data across different systems and locations in a legally compliant, unified, secure and efficient manner.

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