Data sharing and management engine

Improve communication and know that your team is data compliant and your company is safe. Use AI to compare the data you want to send with policy and legislation.

Our unique approach integrates with legacy systems, external partners, and diverse platforms, reducing overhead costs and enabling teams to share important information quickly.

Experience sharing for the new world of laws and policies, with unmatched power, safety and speed. 



Strengthen Your GRC

The evolving landscape of data sharing calls for reevaluating how sensitive data is managed. ORIGIN provides the tools to protect against financial penalties, data sovereignty issues, contract management issues, breaches of trust and data compromises by enforcing robust data governance controls on previously unsecured data.


Combine Structured and Unstructured Data

ORIGIN is designed to support the foundation of AI Models. Providing a repeatable and auditable pipeline of approved data-sets and unstructured documents to train LLMs and other next generation AI models.


Data Federation

Unify access to a diverse collection of data sources without consolidating the data centrally in a data lake or warehouse. By leaving the data in it's source environment, provide access to fresh data more quickly and comply with data security / residency requirements with ease.


What is ORIGIN?

ORIGIN is a platform that lets you seamlessly access and share disparate data sources



By acting as the access layer for ad-hoc data consumption, ORIGIN provides a single source of authorization management for users across multiple data systems.

Fine-Grained Access

ORIGIN can act as a lightweight data pipeline, transforming data to the correct format, combining data sets and, most importantly, ensuring the output only contains the data and fields that are authorized.

Versioning & Data Provenance

ORIGIN keeps a record of each data request and the associated result, providing granular Information for Data Risk Management reports and auditability for data breach review.

Full Visibility Audit

ORIGIN's robust version control and non-repudiable data chain of custody ensure data integrity and provenance. ORIGIN leverages decentralized trust to create an auditable ledger of data transactions.


End-to-end Data Compliance

Failing to follow data residency, sovereignty, and privacy laws risks severe consequences, including fines and legal action. Non-compliance can also lead to reputational damage, loss of trust, and the potential loss of key clients and partners.

ORIGIN acts as an access control and delivery mechanism between disparate data sources and operational users, managing data security requirements, including controlled unclassified information and sensitive personal data.

Our interface ensures easy adoption and supports full data audits.

ORIGIN is the foundation for your next-generation information sharing.

What Are People Saying About ORIGIN

Meaningful Impact on How Data is Managed

[ORIGIN] is an incredibly strong product offering that is unique, innovative and offers incredible value to prospective customers, enabling them to make a meaningful impact on how data is managed.

Sumit Bhatia
Director, Innovation and Policy at Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, Canada's National Centre for Cybersecurity

We've needed this [capability] for years, nothing comes close.


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