First weeks of the Rogers Catalyst Cyber Accelerator

Read Time 2 mins | Written by: Intlabs team


Intlabs kicked off our 3-month term in the Rogers Catalyst Cyber Accelerator just a few weeks ago, on May 29th. Now that we're close to half-way through, we wanted to share some thoughts.

Why this accelerator?

At Intlabs, our founding team comes to the table with a lot of experience. Our founders have brought new products and technologies to market, made major, successful exits, and have delivered successful investment returns for investors. With this background, the team wasn't interested in a generalist accelerator. But that's what made the Rogers Catalyst Cyber Accelerator stand-out.

The Rogers Catalyst Cyber Accelerator is Canada’s premier cybersecurity accelerator, offering a three-month program designed specifically for cyber security technology companies. The program connects companies with industry experts that help support companies as they grow sales. 

Working with excellent mentors

At ORIGIN, we know that stable sales growth underpins every healthy business. 

"So far, we've seen really incredible value from the mentors we've been working with," explains Mike Anderson, CTO at Intlabs. "There are some really seasoned, knowledgeable people working with the accelerator so we're pleased to have their buy-in and validation."

Our founders have been meeting with executives at major industry-leading companies like RBC, Palo Alto Networks, Microsoft, and Rogers. 

"The mentors have been generous with sharing contacts and making introductions which is crucial at any stage," continues Mike. "So far, we’re glad to see that some things we’re learning affirm the strategies we’ve taken to date and that others give us a fresh perspective on best practices in our industry."

Mike and the team's enthusiasm is shared by Rogers Catalyst Cyber Accelerator mentor Sumit Bhatia. Sumit explains "Intlabs is both interesting and exciting. They have a very strong founder team at the helm of their vision and they're addressing a real need in this domain with a unique offering. Leading an accelerator and having served as a mentor to many founders, I can tell you that I'm excited to see their continued growth and success. I'm glad we can be a part of it". 

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