Whitepaper: KMPG Cybersecurity Considerations 2023

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Origin Background

Exploring the Intersection of KPMG's Cybersecurity Insights and ORIGIN's Innovative Approach.  "Cybersecurity Considerations 2023" by KPMG International emphasizes the importance of digital trust and robust cybersecurity in evolving digital landscapes for global companies. It discusses the challenges of securing a perimeter-less and data-centric future, the impact of new technologies like AI and ML, and strategies to manage cyber risks associated with smart devices and IoT. The document advocates for proactive approaches against agile cyber adversaries and integrates security into business operations and strategies, underlining the necessity of cybersecurity in ensuring digital trust within eight considerations:

We examined how ORIGIN's approach to the cybersecurity landscape could transform how businesses handle data security and manage cyber risks within KPMG’s framework. Let's break down the potential impact and benefits of integrating ORIGIN's unique features into the existing cybersecurity strategies and solutions:

Enhanced Data Governance with Decentralized Architecture

Zero-Trust Architecture - ORIGIN’s Data Mesh architecture, being decentralized and domain-oriented, enhances the control over data governance and security. This aligns with the zero-trust approach advocated by KPMG, emphasizing the need for robust security measures in a perimeter-less digital landscape.

The decentralized nature of Mesh networks in ORIGIN’s architecture also increases resilience and fault tolerance in data systems, which is vital for maintaining robust cybersecurity against attacks or system failures.

Improved Data Quality and Compliance

Domain-Oriented Data Management - Each domain within our platform is responsible for the quality and accessibility of its data. This approach potentially improves the overall quality and usefulness of data, which is crucial in detecting and responding to cybersecurity threats.

Compliance with Data Protection Regulations: ORIGIN’s approach can ease compliance with various data protection and privacy regulations, a critical concern in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Real-Time Data Processing and Analytics

Enhanced Threat Detection and Response - The integration of ORIGIN to your data sources allows for real-time data processing and analytics. Speed to access data and logs is vital in timely detection and response to cyber threats. This is crucial for adapting to the fast-evolving cybersecurity threats and technologies.

Direct Contribution to Business Goals - By closely aligning data management with business objectives, ORIGIN ensures that data governance strategies directly contribute to achieving overall business goals, enhancing the strategic value of cybersecurity efforts.

Distinctive Attributes of ORIGIN - Unlike current solutions such as Immuta, data catalogs (Calibra, Elation, Microsoft Purview), or core data movement technologies (Databricks, Snowflake, Amazon, Azure), ORIGIN offers unique attributes:

  • Configuration-driven Approach: It enables data movement/sharing through configurations rather than actual data transfer.
  • Distributed Ledger Technology: This ensures an immutable, auditable ledger for data tracking, enhancing security and accountability.
  • User-Friendly Interface: ORIGIN's no-code platform is accessible to analysts of various expertise levels.
  • Flexible Data Handling: Accepts diverse data types, including text, videos, and images.

Value and Proof

Enhanced Security and Leak Identification - More secure than encryption. ORIGIN allows easy identification of data leakage sources, with the customer’s secure and permanent ownership of data, configuration, and ledger.

Resource Efficiency - Saves time and resources compared to complex, traditional configurations such as manual export of data and delivery via “secure email, or the configuration of ETL jobs to and from a data warehouse.

Peace of Mind - Ensures compliant sharing across all data types while allowing teams to operate efficiently.


Implementing ORIGIN in the context of KPMG's "Cybersecurity Considerations 2023" would align with current cybersecurity trends and challenges and provide a more adaptable, efficient, and business-aligned approach to handling cyber risks. This integration promises a significant enhancement in managing cybersecurity today.

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We would like to acknowledge and thank the authors of KPMG’s Cybersecurity Considerations 2023 for their work and expertise.

  • Akhilesh Tuteja, Global Cyber Security Leader, KPMG International Partner, KPMG India
  • Kyle Kappel, Cyber Security Services Leader Principal, KPMG in the US
  • Dani Michaux, EMA Cyber Security Leader, Partner, KPMG in Ireland
  • Matt O'Keefe, ASPAC Cyber Security Leader, KPMG Australia
  • Prasad Jayaraman, Americas Cyber Security Leader Principal, KPMG in the US