Platform specs

Supported data types

ORIGIN fully supports the following file types: local files, object storage, SQL databases, and REST APIs. With many more to come.

Platform capacity

ORIGIN today can accommodate a massive numbers of files per user. We haven't yet reached the limit yet!

Number of users

ORIGIN offers various user options and packages today. We'll find the right set-up for you and your organizational needs.

Where do we start?

Sample data

We provide sample data that mimics the type of data that you work with so that you can see how ORIGIN would interact with your data.

Tour of the platform

We very carefully walk you through the platform so that you see how it works and explore its features.


You get to freely explore the platform, working with sample data to see how the platform helps you transform your data management and governance.

Turn your data into your greatest strength

Test out ORIGIN today

Use ORIGIN to start gaining control of your data 

  • Do you need to get a better overview of your data?
  • Do you need to more consistently and successfully track when, how, and who is accessing data?
  • Do you need to redact information from data sets to control who is able to see what, when, where?
  • Do you need to understand which data governance laws are relevant to you and manage your data sovereignty?

These are just a few of the most common client pains that we solve with ORIGIN.