Test out ORIGIN in our Cyber Range

Read Time 1 mins | Written by: Intlabs team

This week we're thrilled to announce that we are officially offering our ORIGIN Cyber Range. The Cyber Range enables you to test your data needs and discover, with our help, how we can transform your data governance.

What is a Cyber Range?

A Cyber Range is a fabricated test space in which users can test a program or a threat scenario in close to real-life circumstances (you can read more about them here on Cybersecurity Guide's blog).

The ORIGIN Cyber Range is a risk-free, virtual environment specifically for you where you get to explore a safe, secure, and controlled version of ORIGIN. You test out the platform's behaviour, speed, and effectiveness and we help you understand your data compliance liabilities and requirements. We provide you with sample data that matches the kinds of data you work with, and then you explore how that data will look in ORIGIN and how our system will function in the event of a security threat. 

How the Cyber Range helps us perfect ORIGIN

Our Cyber Range offers our team helpful information as we continue to craft ORIGIN. It helps us see how users navigate the platform, which functions are most useful, and which functions need to be refined or added.

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We look forward to working with clients in our Cyber Range to help them revolutionize their data governance. So get in touch if you're curious. You can contact us via LinkedIn or through our contact form on our website.