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Our mission

To support faster, more secure and intelligent decisions within the Enterprise.

Our story

Intlabs was founded by experienced technologists & leaders who have developed relationships, created Enterprise SaaS Platforms, and delivered solutions for governments, security and private sector clients.

Our history

We recognized that as data proliferates, existing methods and solutions for sharing and comprehending information are inadequate and didn’t scale without significant risk, overhead and cost. Our user base needs a backbone of diverse data sets to control, scale and power their existing analytics platforms. They need to quickly see, understand inter-relationships securely while delivering mission critical knowledge. 

We understand the user problem, how to reach the customers and the scale that we have to operate within to resonate deeply with Analysts, Commanders, Partners and Investors.

The team

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Karl Swannie, CEO, has been the persuasive and decisive force behind many successful SaaS Platforms and recently successfully lead the exit of Echosec Systems.

He is a well-known technical thought-leader, project director, business developer and former CTO with a +20-year career. He is an expert in massive data aggregation, advanced analytics, AI, NLP and advanced visualization.

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Mike Anderson, CTO, has spent the last eight years as a partner, growing an Enterprise SaaS Threat Intelligence and Security Platform for a global customer base. He was one of the core team that architected a successful financial exit from his previous company.

He continues to be an influential technical advisor and investor, specializing in complex analysis of global threat, security and engineering problems.


Michelle Rogers, CPA, CMA, CFO is an accomplished Financial leader with over 20 years of operational and business experience, and a proven track record of significantly improving profitability through organization restructuring, operational efficiencies and establishing meaningful metrics to guide the organization.

Expert in strategic planning & execution and scaling high growth tech companies

Treasurer, Female Wave of Change Canada


Rob Foxall, COO, is an expert in sales management, finance and operations.

He has been an advisor, mentor and friend to many tech companies over the years. He has also participated as a mentor to a few tech startup accelerators.

Rob comes from TIMIA Capital, where he was the VP of Origination and Director of Business Development for six years.

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