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The ORIGIN platform makes our users safer, faster, and more efficient. Its primary function is to provide sovereignty, security and auditability for distributed teams. Its architecture also has the potential to quadruple efficiency for our users. This makes it perfect for complex organizations like Government, Security, Finance and Health Care.

The ORIGIN Platform's scalable architecture enables large scale data collection, fusing millions of items daily across API’s, CSV’s, spatial data and company information. 

Accessing the mesh of data in a light/no code format for analysts delivers a step change in performance. This allows for users to  rapidly turn machine generated insights into actionable knowledge. 

The ORIGIN Platform provides end-to-end platform security to safeguard your data, analysis and knowledge.The ORIGIN Platform allows organisations to maintain and comply with privacy, data protection and security classification policies.

Be safer. Be faster.

Solutions for:


You want to shift data from the lake paradigm to a paradigm that draws from the modern distributed architecture. You want to apply platform thinking to create a self-service, controlled, data mesh infrastructure that treats data like a product for your team. This will allow them to glean deeper insights from their intelligence engines and allow you to save time and money in compliance tasks by preventing Shadow IT practices typically associated with data sharing.


Provide consistent visibility and access controls which helps you deliver secure data to the end users. ORIGIN changes how monitoring data is routed, maintained and used by your team. Additionally, the platform monitors incoming data for temporal variations and consistency. All of this will help more reliable information through your visualisation platform.


Global data is complex and interconnected. Understanding and using data internally and from third parties requires continuous due diligence over internal and external feeds. But data sources are vast, disconnected and dynamic. Unmanaged data can manifest as financial crime, extreme management costs and very poor decision making.

Health Care

The ORIGIN platform provides proactive privacy auditing, with its fine-grained access control, data provenance functionality and comprehensive security architecture. ORIGIN keeps a record of each data request and the associated result, providing granular Information for Data Risk Management reports and auditability for data breach review.